Session Planning

Consultation Appointment

The first step is to discuss your ideas for your session. There is no cost or obligation for the consultation - I just want a chance to chat with you about your ideas for the portraits, your style, and how I can help you achieve your vision. We'll also take a look at the color scheme in your home so I can create artwork that will coordinate beautifully in your space.


Once we've had our consultation and I know what you hope to achieve, we can set a time to make the magic happen! The actual photo session will be lots of fun, and you can just relax knowing that I will capture your vision. A $50 session fee covers the first hour of shooting, and we can add extra time if we need it (most sessions are done within an hour).
I keep session fees low so you can invest in your artwork. You only buy what you love!

photography contultation for portraits and wall art

Selection Appointment

This is the best part of the whole experience - the Big Reveal. I will meet with you in person to show you your artwork, and this is when you see your vision realized. It's OK to cry (it happens a lot)! We will discuss which pieces you would like displayed throughout your home, and I'll spend about an hour going over your options with you. You get to see how your art will look on your walls before you ever purchase anything - and I promise you will be THRILLED with the final results. See some examples of wall art in our Wall Art Galleries.