Looking for a little adventure? You've come to the right place!
Our motorcyle tours of the Vegas Valley are exclusively for women, with an experienced woman rider as your personal guide.

Jodi Selander, Calamity Jane

Jodi, AKA Calamity Jane

Moto Tour Guide

Choose your own Adventure! Let's Ride.​

We'll ride out to Red Rock Canyon and cruise the full 12-mile scenic route, stopping for pictures multiple times. It's a fun way to see one of the most beautiful areas closest to the Vegas Strip.


Optional add-ons for this tour include a guided hike* or a dive bar run.


Tour Time: 3 hours
Optional Adds: + 3 hours


*depending on heat.


Valley of Fire is a treasure NE of Las Vegas. It takes us about 45 minutes just to enter the park, and the park itself is miles of road and scenery to explore. This is a long day of riding, but the views are incredible.


Only available October 1 - April 1, due to heat. VoF is 10-20°F *warmer* than the Las Vegas Valley.


Tour Time: 6 hours


Mt. Charleston is my favorite spot in Las Vegas. It's a beautiful drive up into and above the treeline.


This tour will take you up into Kyle Canyon until the road ends at the Mt. Charleston Lodge. We'll stretch our legs and enjoy the view, then ride across the pass over to Lee Canyon. We'll go as high as the road allows, up to the Ski Resort. We can either take the long way home back across the pass, or if you want more speed and less scenery, we'll hit the freeway and the open road back to Vegas.


Tour Time: 6 hours

The Strip is known for it's neon lights. We'll cruise up and down the Strip taking in the entire nightlife scene.


You'll see the Bellagio Fountains, the pirate ships of Treasure Island, Paris and New York from the back of a Harley. Get the Vegas experience your friends WISH they could have!


Tour Time: 2 hours

The iconic Hoover Dam provides Vegas with the power for all those neon signs. We'll ride across the new bridge over into Arizona, stopping for photo opportunities of the Dam.


Option One: Straight out and back.

Tour Time: 3 hours


Option Two: Boulder City stop at the World Famous Coffee Cup Restaurant. It's an hour wait for service, but worth it!

Tour Time: 5 hours


Option Three: Scenic Lake Mead route.

Tour Time: 4 hours 



There are several old-school saloons and biker bars that are classic rides for local bikers. Want an authentic "biker experience" and the chance to drink a cold beer midway through your tour? This is the ride for you! 


Calamity Jane will choose which bar we visit based on various factors (i.e, whatever mood she happens to be in the morning of your ride).


Tour Time: 3-4 hours